Ice pop prime hydration

Ice pop prime hydration drink

Stay hydrated and refreshed this summer with Ice Pop Prime – a popsicle flavored hydration drink!

Ice Pop Prime is an innovative new electrolyte drink that combines the refreshing flavors of real fruit popsicles with the hydrating power of a sports drink. Each bottle is a unique experience of frozen fruit in liquid form.

We start with filtered water and then add an electrolyte mix to replace key minerals lost through sweat. This ensures optimal hydration during physical activity or spending time in the summer heat. Real fruit juices and purees are then mixed in to create bursts of flavor in every sip. Enjoy delicious flavors like cherry, lime and blue raspberry.

What makes Ice Pop Prime different from any other hydration drink is our patented freezing system. We quickly freeze the liquid so that the fruit aroma and electrolytes are encapsulated in tiny ice crystals. As the drink thaws, these flavored ice crystals burst in your mouth with fruity pop goodness. It’s a refreshing frozen treat to drink on the go!

Ice Pop Prime contains no artificial colors, sweeteners or flavors. With slightly sweetened flavors containing only 25 calories per bottle, it’s a guilt-free way to hydrate. The BPA-free bottles are perfectly portable and can be slipped into your beach bag, bike basket or wherever your active summer fun takes you.

Refresh and rehydrate with the most delicious hydration drink under the sun – Ice Pop Prime! Stay energized and energized throughout the day with fruity hydration in every sip. Now available in the drinks isolate at your local market.